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Perhaps the coolest pizza business:

Lonesome’s Pizza, a new pizza joint here in Portland, includes the work of  local artists/musicians right IN the PIZZA BOX.  Also, they deliver until 4 in the morning on the East side.  ALSO, they change the names of their pizzas every month.  This month’s theme for pizza names is “fights that would be too awesome to actually happen.”  A few of my favorites are “Hasselhoff vs. velcro headboard restraints,” “Burt Reynolds & the girl that stole my cd collection vs. a pride of badgers” and “Brigitte Nielsen vs. a fanny-pack full of pit vipers vs.
whatever it was that killed my grandpa.”

Here’s their website, if you want to check it out.



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Seven Eleven


  • is free Slurpee day at 7-Eleven.
  • I signed a renal agreement for my new home.
  • my room is 3 garbage bags and a guitar case emptier than it was yesterday.
  • much to my glee, I discovered that my future house is a short walk away from the Talent Community Garden; a short bike ride away from the most beautiful rolling hills, orchards, vineyards, and farms; and a 3-or-so-mile bike ride away from the forest.  I am so excited about my new home!
  • I am realizing that throwing things away feels really nice.  (Seriously, go through your house and throw away 50 things today.  It sounds like a lot, but you’d be surprised how much crap you have that you’d never miss if it were gone.)
  • shared a huge summertime meal with friends; met new friends, and caught up with old ones; discussed the most important things to us.
  • my brother-in-law’s brother committed suicide.


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