dreamcatchers and cowboy boots

I live in Portland now.  There is no shortage of concerts here, but I usually spend my money on other things.  Luckily, my friend Joel Swensen and his friends The Parson Redheads put on a free show this Monday.

I had a great time there – listening to music, catching up with old friends, having a Medfordite reunion.

I’m an observer.  In social settings, I like to be the quiet one.  I’m content  just listening and watching other people.  At the concert, I was looking around at all the cowboy boots, quirky glasses, ironic Native American apparrel, and feathers in the hair.

Not trying to over-generalize, but a lot of women in my age group are trying too hard to be Zooey Deschanel.  So many of us just long to be that mysterious, quirky, thin girl that all the boys are taken with.  She’s the “it” girl now, and even if we don’t like her because of it, we still like the idea of her.

It made me a little sad to think that we’re trying so hard to be that crazy unforgettable girl.  So desperately trying to prove that we’re different.



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2 responses to “dreamcatchers and cowboy boots

  1. onestillblooming

    Like it! Is it not freaky that we both finally got back on after all this time! Love you kiddo

  2. So good to see you blogging again. I didn’t go to the show because all my wolf shirts were in the washing machine. 😦

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