i like this:



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5 responses to “i like this:

  1. Eric

    but what is it?

  2. so, did you take this?
    if not, where did you find it?

  3. Abby

    Would you steal Will’s camera for a while and take some more pics? I just looked through your Flicker again and you do take a nice photo.

    This is obviously a picture of a country boy who is tuckered out from his morning bike ride. He rode to his girlfriends house and brought her breakfast pastries and juice to surprise her. They ate breakfast and then she went to put the dishes away in the kitchen and when she came back she found him like this. He had gotten up so early in the morning and rode such a long way that he fell asleep, even though it was 10:30! That is what it is.

  4. Eric, this is “Sleeping With Your Arms Crossed.”

    Will, no, unfortunately I didn’t take this. I found it while searching for “yellow couch” on Flickr. It is by a girl whose Flickr username is BetterOffDead.

    Abby, thank you. You should make that part of your movie.

  5. you were trying to find pictures of ugly yellow couches in cute context, weren’t you?

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