We are, We are, the youth of the nation

I was just getting ready to write a new blog post when I saw that my friend, Abby, chastised me publicly for not updating often enough.  I know, I am no good at this blog.

In response to Abby, Sam, and Donnie’s blogs: I think the big question is “What constitues a hipster?”  I have 2 friends that consider me, Eric, Ashley, Bruk, Kala, Markie and Abby all hipsters.

  • Boys wear the tight-ish pants with a vintage plaid button up and cardigan.  Add a beard and a guitar for bonus indie-folk cred.
  • Girls wear leggings, dresses, scarves, pendant necklaces, and bangs.  Cowboy boots and touseled hair are powerful weapons in our arsenal.
  • We all profess our love for art and music (especially if it’s Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Jenny Lewis, or Josh Groban.)
  • Sarcasm abounds.
  • Some of us like to revel in the exclusivity we exude when we refer to inside jokes in public settings.
  • We’re very adamant that we aren’t hipsters, and write blogs about hipsterdom as if we’re examining some foreign subculture from a distance.


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2 responses to “We are, We are, the youth of the nation

  1. Abby Elizabeth

    Ahhahaha!!! Giving JG some hipster cred. Nice. You got me Kendra. Nice one. I love it when you call me out. (But still, I don’t think you, Eric, or I are close to being hipster. Also, please note that I never wear leggings and I don’t even own a pendant necklace.)

  2. Okay, scratch leggings and pendant necklaces and replace them with “Shopping at estate sales and Anthropologie.”

    I love you, Eight Minute Abs.

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