I’ve been noticing how quickly acquaintences become friends.

I met Kala and Bruk through MySpace and mutual friends probably only two months ago.  Today we spent nearly the whole day together getting dressed up, taking photos, and cooking dinner together.  We also had a nice cuddle sesh or two.  We’ve been deliberate about getting together on Sundays – trying to make it a weekly occurrence.  Last week, we climbed Table Rock with our friend Abby.  The previous week, we recorded background vocals together (which was a new experience to me.)

The other day I called Kala to ask about our upcoming hang out party, and we ended up talking for two and a half hours.  We told funny stories, we discussed the serious relationships we’ve had.  I even cried a little.  I don’t know if she realized it, but she really brought me a lot of comfort and insight.

Today, Bruk and I found out that we have so many things in common:  We think our knees are fat; our hands look almost identical; we both love bacon; our relationship with our parents are pretty similar; (There was one other thing that, when I told her, she got so excited that she jumped up and gave me a hug.  I don’t remember what it was, though.)

My friend Eric introduced Abby and I to eachother over dinner at the Silver Dragon a couple of weeks ago.  The day we climbed Table Rock, Abby left her sweet aviator sunglasses in my car.  Yesterday I happened to be in Jacksonville and called Abby to arrange a time for me to return her glasses.  She informed me that she was home and told me come on over.  We spent an hour talking about art, music, our relationships with our respective fathers, and our stances on sexual purity.

I think friendships are made strong by allowing each other to be vulnerable.


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