Google Trends.

Google has this fun thing called “Google Trends”.  It does a couple of cool things.  First, it gives a list of the most popular search terms at any given time (Devendra Banhart is #48 right now.  “church of oprah” is #64.)  The second cool thing is that you can see trends for a certain word or phrase and even compare several against eachother.

For an example, I compared the search terms “old crow medicine show,” “devendra banhart,” “the avett brothers,” and “joanna newsom” against eachother.  The sweet graph tells us that all these musical artist were pretty much unheard of before May of 2004.  It also shows that Joanna Newsom was more popular in November of 2006 than she is now.

Apparently, the Avett Brothers didn’t become cool until May of 2007.


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  1. Eric

    Oh man, devendra is a wanted man…# 48 huh… I’m glad to hear you are down with the folk lingo, i’ve seen all those guys, a-bros 3 times, but i have yet to see OCMS, one day soon. I also noticed, thanks to flikr, that you enjoy the office.I missed it.

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