Some updates

Spring break provides a well-appreciated respite from business and bi-weekly trips to Ashland.

Yesterday, Will and I went on a road trip to visit some friends in Corvallis.  We love taking road trips together.  There’s something adventurous about exploring even the most mundane parts of a new town.

We stopped at a sweet breakfast joint called “The Koffee Kup.”  Despite the purposefully cheesy misspelling of the name, the Koffee Kup didn’t let us down.  Will also decided that Cottage Grove’s gangsta name is “C Grizzle,” which still makes me laugh.

Also, Cottage Grove, you should not have that many murals.  Try cutting back.

We met Ian and Sarah for coffee, got free bread samples at Great Harvest, and witnessed a sweet peace rally.  Sarah and I sat on a bench in the sun next to two very elderly women who, I believe, were speaking Russian.  We went to a sweet underground wine bar, drank water, and took photos.  We walked down on the waterfront and took photos by a very yellow wall.

My favorite part of the day was lunch.  Will and I had gone to Food 4 Less* the night before and bought energy drinks, tea, flavored waters**, produce, trail mix, Cheez-Its, and sandwich fixins.  For lunch, we found a picnic table in the amazing sunshine, set all the food out, and shared a meal together.  Another thing we shared: fart jokes (more on that later.)  I think something special happens when friends share a meal – talking with our mouths full and not caring, laughing, telling funny stories about grandads eating raw onions with raspberry jam, reaching over eachother.  I don’t know, lunch was really special.

We then had a napping party at Ian’s apartment.  It says something about your friendship when you’re comfortable enough to nap with each other – messy hair, snoring, and all.  While we were trying to fall asleep, we had a contest to see who could make the most realistic sounding fart noise.  This lasted about 30 minutes, with Ian’s brother, Austin, the uncontested winner.

We decided to tour Sarah’s apartment get a bit of exercise.  I realized that I’m pretty terrible at Frisbee.  Also, a good way to say “Did you and Sarah have a pleasant experience playing on the teeter-totter?” would be “Did you guys have a good teeter sesh?”

Sharis treated us well with her milkshakes, coffee, cheesecake, and loaded crossfries.  All three of the boys can already beatbox pretty well, but they discovered a new style: fart noise beatboxing.

All in all, a very good adventure indeed.

*note to self: buy more things at Food 4 Less.

**note to self: flavored water isn’t really that good.


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