Just a test.

WordPress has this handy feature that shows search terms people typed in to get to your blog. I’ve heard of people writing blogs on certain pop-culture topics for the sole purpose of increasing their blog views. I would like to put that theory to the test. I will type in several “hot button” topics and see what happens. I intend to post the results. I thought about doing this in a list form, but I think it might work better if I formulate them into sentences. This might require a little creativity on my part. [As a disclaimer, what I’m about to type is completely fictitious. I do not intend to spread rumors or slander.]


According to YahooBuzz Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, Rascal Flats, Sugar Land, Tim McGraw, and Johnny Cash are among the top country artists as of late. I’m pretty sure that Garth Brooks and Lindsay Lohan hang out sometimes. Maybe Lindsay is Garth’s daughter?

I’m so out of the loop with politics these days. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could be married and I wouldn’t know it. As a citizen of the state of Oregon, Oregon election results are not as high as they should be. Seriously, guys – vote more.

Have you ever seen a comet? I hear there is one headed straight for Earth. Maybe our Thanksgiving recipes will deflect it. Perhaps we can ward it off with our NFL pork and Britney Spears talk. That Britney Spears, man. I don’t think she’s as bad a mom as the media makes her out to be. Britney’s probably a normal lady that likes WWE and Limewire.

So, I work at a coffeeshop (not Starbucks) that is right next to a movie theater. About a bazillion people (half the people I meet) have seen American Gangster. They all rave about it, too.

Naruto is pretty popular these days. Naruto is poop. Poop city.

What the crap. Carol Burnett is garnering a ton of media attention. What’s her deal? She probably isn’t sexy anymore, but she is rather hilarious.


Okay, that’s enough for today. Thanks for putting up with that.




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2 responses to “Just a test.

  1. i like you.

    *blog comment love*


  2. hey love, it’s jessica =]
    found your blog… i really love your header w/ those polaroids that are amazing! you have a gift… keep it up!

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