A change of pace.

The internet is running a little slowly right now, probably because I have a ton of photos uploading to Flickr right now.

Contrasting the lagging pace of the internet, things have been changing quite rapidly for me.

I’m quitting Subway.

That feels so weird. To write and to think about. After four years making sandwiches, I’m switching it up a little. I’m making sandwiches and coffee now. Starting on the 7th, I will be working at Caffe Diem, the coffeehouse right next door to Tinseltown. If you live in the area, you should come visit me.

Also, on Tuesday, I will be starting a new school. Oh, Southern Oregon University… your campus is beautiful in fall.

A new school and a new job all at once.


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One response to “A change of pace.

  1. St. Thorium

    so much change, and yet you handle it all with so much grace. you are an inspiration to me, with everything that is going on, your love for me has been unwavering. thank you for that.

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