Anticipation of future events.

Things I’m looking forward to:

– Going to the coast on Saturday with Will and having adventures and the photos to prove it.

– I work at Subway, and we are opening another store in the new Wal-Mart. I’m excited about shiny-new stainless steel vegetable slicers and counter tops. Also, as much as I profess to dislike Wal-Mart and their ethics, having a food venue of that magnitude so close to my house is quite convenient.

– My youngest sister leaves today for boot camp. Which I am not looking forward to. But I am looking forward to seeing her at the airport this afternoon.

– Autumn, in all its majesty. A few things come to mind when I think of fall: sweaters, scarves, soup, wood stoves, cold hands (and Will warming them up <3), leaves, and shuffling around in said leaves.

– Starting school at SOU. I admit, I am a little intimidated by its size, but I think I’ll get along just fine. I’m also looking forward to learning new things in my snazzy upper division classes and meeting new people.

– I’m looking forward to taking a shower, Raspberry Rain shaving cream, and homemade Ashland soap with scrubby herbs in it.

Also, I’m looking forward to things like: marriage, traveling, reading more, doing more, and becoming more.




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