Micksture vs. Mixture

September 29, 1997
Sorry I haven’t written in so long. I HATE Danny so much that I want to kick his face in because we had this micksture of dog poop, rotten pears, flour, salt, hair, slugs, night crawler, bird seed, mud, grass, marker ink, and dog hair and I put some on a stick and I told Brandy to show Danny. But then when they were at Bobby’s house, Brandy gave the stick to Brittany and Brittany said “Danny, look what Kendra made.” Then she threw it at him. And then they started ganging up on them. Danny made this micksture of sunflower seeds, ketchup, mustard, pepper, and salt. So Danny was going to throw it at us, so we were all screaming. And my mom came out and she asked what was happening so I told her. So she said me and Brittany had to clean it up.

So we were walking down to Danny’s house and Danny asked if we were cleaning it up and we said yes. So he went and told everyone that we had to clean it up. So Logan came and he said, “Oh, I gotta see this.” So when we got there he said, “We smeared it around a lot so it will be hard to get up.”


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