October 6, 1997
Today we had to trade beds so I’m on the bottom bunk. And Sarah keeps on FARTING.

Today Will got back from his huntin trip. He got a four point.

For Christmas and my birthday, I hope I’ll get a Nano baby or a Tamagotchi and a bunch of other cool stuff, toys, Nintendo games, tapes, stuff like that. A boys mountain bike, boyfriend or a gift certificate at some cool toy shop like Spencers. Spencers is cool. It has a bunch of groovy stuff.

I want to be healthy and have an art studio and white walls so we can draw on the walls and paint and stuff and paint the ceiling with glow in the dark paint.

Sarah is being a buttnugget because she is too lazy to pick up her stuff. She said “I’ll pick it up in the morning.”

I also want an electronic diary, but I’ll still use this one. Clothes – cool ones – a boyfriend, a CD player, CDs and tapes, money, hair clips, hair stuff, fingernail polish.


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