Coolio and the Valley of the Shadow of Def.

October 2, 1997
Guess what. Yesterday I got hired for a job in the cafeteria and today while I was eating, I was taking off my over shirt and Miguel asked me to lift up my undershirt, but I said “no.” We are getting paid 50 cents a day. Wow, that’s a lot of money. Not!

Guess what, there is this kid in my class, his name is Justin, and he is so fine. He is also nice, real nice, so nice that you can’t believe it. And he likes me. He also likes Jill, Rhianna, and Cassy. But none of them likes him that I know of.

My friends are Alisha, Cece, Justin, Jennifer, Mikey, Miguel, and Ruthie and Steph and Maria and Tobi.

I like Alisha because she is nice and pretty and she compliments herself.

I like CeCe because she likes to play with me and play basketball with me.

Justin is cute and nice and charming.

Jenny is nice because … well, before I tell you what I like about Jenny I want to tell you who she is. Jenny is a girl and she is in a wheelchair, she has some kind of brittle bone disease and she has a big chest and she wears glasses and her wheelchair is red. Okay, what I like about Jenny is that the reason why she has a big chest is because she has a big heart to fill it up with.

The reason I like Mike is because he helps Jenny do stuff and he helps a lot of people that are someway disabled. Like Miguel, he is disabled because he only speaks Spanish. But Mike helps him. So I think he is a nice kid.

Miguel is nice because he is funny even though he speaks Spanish. He is also nice and a good worker.

Ruthie is a good athlete and very healthy and always wanting to do things for other people and stuff.

Stephanie is nice because she helps me and in my level of everything, and she shares her interests with me so we like the same stuff.

Maria is nice because she shares her little smiley face stickers and a whole lot of other stuff. And she goes to church.

And last but not least, Tobi, he is nice and he tells me stuff like when he got bucked off the horse and he is very funny.

CeCe said she would invite me to her birthday and go in her hot tub and have the music full blast, KTMT. Ahh heaven. Junk food, pizza, candy, chips, sleeping under the stars. That would be so fun. And having a fashion show.

Coolio. (That’s slang for “cool.”)

P.S. Justin is fine.


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