I’d like to Haduken! Spam.

I’d like to Haduken! Spam – both the email and canned meat versions. Simultaneously.

I just applied for a student loan yesterday, so today, lo and behold, I get an email with “Please respond to your loan application” in the subject line. Thanks to my naivety, I open the email and it’s really some sort of mortgage advertisement. So, I follow the link to remove myself from the spam list. [Thank you, CAN-SPAM Act.] They have a handy type-in field where you enter your email address, and they have a “reason for removal” type-in field.

A reason to NOT receive spam?

I don’t know about most spam recipients, but I don’t really like junk mail that much.

That was my reason.


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One response to “I’d like to Haduken! Spam.

  1. St. Thorium

    I pretty much never get spam. The meat or the email…
    my only real memory of Spam the meat is the smell of it being fried up as a breakfast food when i was a child.
    oh, my father, the gourmet chef.

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